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Codes and Standards

Product approvals (description coming soon)
If your design engineering staff would rather develop than correspond, then S-afe, Inc. can help facilitate your agency reviews and product approvals.
Industrial Gas/Combustion system audits and testing (description coming soon)
Regardless whether you have Natural Gas Fired Furnaces, Fuel-Oil Fired Boilers, or Oxygen enriched/Natural Gas Fired Glass melting furnaces, they should be tested annually in accordance with NFPA codes. S-afe, Inc. can help establish a Audit and testing program in your company which is customized to meet your needs.
Industrial Gas/Combustion system Accident Investigations (description coming soon)
When all the best laid plans go bad and an accident occurs, S-afe, Inc. can help with the investigation of the accident site and help determine what went wrong, whether that is a piece of failed equipment or failure by personnel to follow procedures.
Industrial Combustion Safety training (description coming soon)
S-afe, Inc. can help train your individuals to keep them up to date with current code requirements. Training can be customized to cover your equipment and your individual needs.


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