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IHEA Safety Standards Seminar 2007

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S-afe, Inc to participate in IHEA training seminar

April 30th and May 1st, 2007

Franklin Switzer, Jr., President of  S-afe, Inc. will be continuing, for the 5th year, his participation in the annual Safety Standards seminar held this year at the Indianapolis Omni-Severin Hotel on April 30th and May 1st, sponsored by IHEA. This year will be the first complete presentation of the new NFPA 86-2007 edition.

New this year, Franklin will be covering Chapter 7, Commissioning, Operations, Maintenance, Inspection, and Testing as well as his previous topic of Industrial Safety Valves. Other topics covered will include:

Course Outline
Monday, April 30, 2007

Session 1: Introduction to NFPA 86 Standards for Furnaces and Ovens
Understanding and interpreting standards applicable to industrial furnaces and ovens, including training, warnings, inspection and maintenance.
Session 2: Location, Construction and Ventilation including Thermal Oxidizer and Class A Furnace Consideration
Consideration for safe location and construction of furnaces and related equipment to protect personnel from fire or explosion hazards. Design requirements and heating system standards will be covered.
Session 3: Furnace Heating Systems including Class B Furnace Considerations
Session 4: Commissioning, Operations, Maintenance, Inspection and Testing
Session 5: Introduction to Safety Equipment and Application including Programmable Logic Controller Systems
Session will cover the current requirements for the compliant application of PLC's in combustion safety systems.
Session 6: Safety Equipment and Application including Safety Controls and Devices
Use of safety devices for furnace heating and ventilation systems covering valves, flame safety controls and other required equipment.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Session 7: Safety Equipment and Application including Safety Shutoff Valves
Requirements for utilizing safety shutoff valves as a key safety control to protect against explosions and fires.
Session 8: Class C Furnace: Special Atmosphere
Safety controls and procedures relating to the introduction and removal of flammable special atmospheres in furnaces.
Session 9: Class C Furnace:  Quench and Molten Salt Bath Furnaces
Requirements for furnaces using either an internal or external quench or molten salt bath.
Session 10: Class D Furnace:  Vacuum Atmospheres
Review of heating systems, ventilation and safety equipment for vacuum furnaces, including furnaces with integral liquid quench or special atmospheres.
Session 11: Loss prevention: An Insurers' Perspective
Special session on loss prevention and insurers role involving the application and enforcement of standards, including drawing approvals and product listings.
Session 12: Product Liability
Session 13: Panel Discussion of Questions
An open discussion period for questions submitted by seminar participants. An opportunity to review specific applications.

    Speakers include:    Ray Ostrawski (Seminar Chairman), Bruce Abe (North American Manufacturing Company), John Barron (Ipsen International, Inc.), Sean Caton (Honeywell, Inc.), Ted Jablkowski (North American Manufacturing Company), Fred Jensen (Jensen Industries, Inc.), Glen Mortensen (Zurich Services), Mark Stender (Surface Combustion, Inc.), Franklin Switzer (S-afe, Inc.), Algirdas Underys (A. Finkl & Son, Inc.)

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